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StarkWare and Web3Auth collaborate to eliminate seed phrases for StarkNet wallets & dApps

Web3Auth is excited to present a fruitful collaboration with StarkWare which coincides with the announcement of The Auth Network, a permissionless key management infrastructure that powers Web3Auth’s plug and play SDK that provides self-custodial social logins to dApps and wallets.

StarkNet, a STARK-powered L2 ZK-Rollup, enables applications to achieve unlimited scale for their computation, without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security.

Why are we excited?

“Collaborating with StarkWare is a natural extension of our vision to quickly onboard the next billion into Web3. Any developer building on StarkNet can now easily onboard users into their wallet or dApp in the most intuitive way possible in just under a few seconds”

— Zhen, co-founder of Web3Auth

“We are excited to see another important piece of our ecosystem’s infrastructure being developed. Our collaboration with Web3Auth’s Key Management Infrastructure further strengthens our foundational infrastructure for StarkNet and StarkEx to onboard the next wave of users into crypto”

— Uri Kolodny, co-founder of StarkWare

How Web3Auth helps builders on StartkNet and StarkEx?

Web3Auth is an open-source non-custodial Auth SDK that couples Passwordless Social Logins with non-custodial MPC key management. Developers can now integrate the SDK to any dApp/wallet on StarkNet and StarkEx with a few lines of code and provide a login experience that both mainstream users and crypto native users are already familiar with. Users can log in to dApps through emails, linked OAuth via Google, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit, or with a wallet of their choice, be it such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, or the many others, without worrying about cumbersome seed phrases.

What’s in it for users?

The SDK, powered by The Auth Network, uses MPC, TSS, and threshold cryptography to manage a user’s key securely. It enables users to split their keys into multiple factors. It then secures these factors with different access points available to users, such as their social login, device, and social network.

This immediately improves on the existing key management standard (i.e., “seed phrases”). The user moves away from the risk of losing the key because even losing a single factor won’t compromise the entire key and factors stay revocable.

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About Starkware

StarkWare invented, and continually develops, STARK-based Layer-2 Validity Proof scaling solutions over Ethereum. StarkWare’s solutions, which rely on Ethereum’s security, have settled over $500B, and over 150M transactions, serving hundreds of thousands of users. StarkNet, StarkWare’s permissionless general-purpose scaling solution, is live (Alpha) on Ethereum Mainnet. StarkEx, a custom standalone scaling service, has been powering applications since June 2020, including dYdX, Immutable X, Sorare, and DeversiFi.

About Web3Auth

Web3Auth is the simplest and most secure auth infrastructure for Web3 apps and wallets. By aggregating OAuth (Google, Twitter, Discord) logins, different wallets, and existing key management solutions, Web3Auth provides a familiar login experience to every user on dApp and wallets.

Web3Auth is powered by the Auth Network, an open-source, non-custodial, distributed key management network maintained by the Auth Foundation.

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