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Torus Audit with CertiK

Torus Labs is thrilled to announce the results of our latest audit with CertiK

With Torus, users are able to easily onboard into the decentralised ecosystem while keeping their minds at ease knowing that they would not have to personally manage their keys. Our non-custodial distributed key management platform focuses on user-centric flows while maintaining high levels of security for our users.

Whilst prioritizing security and systems robustness, we engaged CertiK to audit our DKG implementation and conduct thorough security assessments to validate the protection of our users from unauthorized access, loss of funds, cascading failures and other vulnerabilities.

Based on decades of Yale research, CertiK mathematically proves that blockchain ecosystems and smart contracts are hacker-resistant and bug-free at production scale. With more than $6 billion in asset value secured and more than 200 projects audited with , , and , we had great confidence with CertiK’s audits and their methodology.

Developers and users curious about CertiK’s audit can read through their detailed report.

Our latest audit by Certik marks the 3rd audit throughout our development of Torus. The first being an internal audit conducted by Professor Aniket from Purdue University, and the second audit conducted by.

How Does Torus Work?

To learn more about how Torus works in the backend, you can explore our deep-dive explainers:

Integrate Torus with your DApp

Keen on offering Google, Facebook, Reddit, AppleID, GitHub and Twitter logins to users on your DApp? View our or reach out to us at hello@tor.us to get started on our simple integrations, and expose your DApp to the endless possibilities of mainstream adoption.



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