All attempts at peace have failed, total cyberwar is under way…

Total Cyberwar
You can imagine what a bitter blow it is that all our long struggle to win 
peace has failed. Yet I cannot believe that there is anything more or anything different we could have done and that would have been more successful.
Up to the very last it would have been quite possible to have arranged a peaceful and honourable settlement, but nation-states would not have it and they continue to attack us relentlessly.
These ongoing attacks on our nation shows convincingly that there is no chance of expecting this enemy will ever give up their practice of using force to gain their will. They can only be stopped by force.

Thank you Mr. Chamberlain, for making the first three paragraphs easier.

Sadly this is the truth of where we‘re at today, and the Western economy is most at risk. Total cyberwar is here and now, but because it’s the first time we’ve encountered it we’re not properly equipped to talk about it or address it properly without first actually acknowledging it’s reality.

What is Total Cyberwar?

Total cyberwar is when all possible targets of a nation are attacked by another nation using all available resources, regardless of military or civilian status. Total cyberwar knows no rules, or remorse.

The attacking nation’s primary objective is to gain and hold as much global economic power and control as possible, while collecting as much intelligence as possible for financial, industrial and military exploitation.

Certain countries have developed highly complex cyber warfare strategies, supported by a vast network of spies on the ground who’s task is to gain physical access to both human and machine targets.

Isn’t Total Cyberwar all About Remote Hacking?

No, there’s a massive effort by foreign nations to educate and deploy a new breed of spies tasked with infiltrating military, government, corporate, financial and other types organization.

These spies receive advanced training to develop highly effective social engineering skills, and they use them to gain access to human and machine targets of significance.

Complex strategies are employed to evade detection, spies often penetrate mid-sized companies and universities that have known partnerships in place with targets of interest. There are hundreds of ways for humans to exploit other humans long before a network or computer is ever attacked.

Is There a Physical Threat?

Yes, virtually every industry is switching to centralized cloud computing platforms and while there are multiple data centers with regional zone-based redundancy an attack on just one of these could cause irrecoverable damage to some organizations.

If a physical attack were co-ordinated on several data centers simultaneously it could cause an irrecoverable catastrophe, resulting in losses of hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

To be continued …