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Data Science Masters/PH.D. Degree Scholarships

New: Mohamedbin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence

The scholarship includes:

  • All tuition fees for the master program
  • Industrial Practicum at the Accenture Analytics Innovation Center during the spring term

Selection criteria:

  • Outstanding academic background
  • Demonstrated interest in working as a data scientist in a consulting firm

Selection process:

  • All Data Science applicants will be considered for the Accenture Data Science Scholarship.
  • Finalists will be contacted with detailed instructions regarding additional materials and steps in the scholarship selection process.

2 University of Adelaide Scholarships: Data Science & Software Eng.

3 JAD JMS Scholarship MS Program in DS & Entrepreneurship 2019

4 Master of Data Science Entry Scholarships for International Students

5 CA Technologies Fellowship for Women

6 Daniel Larose Scholarship for Data Mining Excellence

8 ACM SIGHPC and The Intel Computational and Data Science Scholarships

  • Nominations open: March 15 every year
  • Nominations close: April 30
  • Winners announced: by July 3

Scholarship Criteria

  • Major(s): Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid
  • Masters or Certificate
  • College GPA = 3.75–4.00
  • U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident
  • Permanent resident of Charlotte, NC

10. MinneAnalytics Data Science Scholarship

12 Skoltech Msc Full Tuition Scholarships For International Students

13 Acxiom Corporation Diversity Scholarship

  • This scholarship program, now going on it’s 7th year awards a number of $5,000 awards to underrepresented people groups in information technology related fields including data science.
  • Amount: 5000
  • Special Demographics: Diverse Backgrounds
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

14 HIMSS Minnesota Graduate Health IT Scholarship

  • The HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) offers annual scholarships to students in health care informatics fields. Awarded based on academic merit and leadership capabilities. Awards are available to associates through doctoral students.
  • Amount: Varies
  • Special Demographics: Minnesota or Neighboring State
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

15 Milliman Opportunity Scholarship Fund

  • This scholarship is for students pursuing degrees in data science, statistics, and actuarial fields and who are from people groups historically underrepresented in those fields. No GPA required, for current or future students.
  • Amount: 5000
  • Special Demographics: Underepresented Fields
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate

16 Remote DBA Experts to Students Scholarship

  • This scholarship is available to graduating high school students as well as current students wishing to pursue a degree in or career in data science-related fields. Successful applicants must submit an essay.
  • Amount: 1000
  • Special Demographics: None
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate

17 INFORMS Analytics Society Student Scholarship

  • This scholarship provides round trip airfare, admission, and other amenities for an annual SAS/Analytics Society conference. Students must submit a statement of work as well as supporting documents.
  • Amount: Varies
  • Special Demographics: None
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

18 Portland DPMA Chapter Scholarships

  • This scholarship for $1,000 is renewable for $500 and offered to graduate seniors in Portland (Oregon) high schools who are pursuing information technology degrees including data science.
  • Amount: 1000
  • Special Demographics: Portland
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate

19 UNCF/Alliance Data Scholarship and Internship

  • This scholarship and internship program is offered to minority students with a preference given to those who study at historically black universities. Students will receive $5,000 in tuition assistance as well as airfare and housing during a summer internship program.
  • Amount: 5000
  • Special Demographics: Minority/ Underrepresented Students
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate

20 Open Data Science Conference Scholarship

  • This scholarship is offered to over 30 students and practitioners of data science including minorities, female data scientists, the unemployed, students, and start-up founders. Scholarship features free and discounted passes to the open data science conference.
  • Amount: Conference Passes
  • Special Demographics: Mintory / Underrepresented
  • Degree Level: Students, Practitioners

21 Springboard

  • Springboard’s data science career track Bootcamp offers $500 scholarship opportunities to both women and veteran applicants. This Bootcamp has provided a solid background in data science for close to 800 graduates and links many promising students up with hiring partners.
  • Amount: 500
  • Special Demographics: Women / Veterans
  • Degree Level: None

23 Insight Data Science

  • This free program is available to Ph.D. recipients in a variety of quantitative disciplines and seeks to provide a bridge program between quantitative academics and data science jobs. The program lasts 7 weeks, is free, and has a 100% job acceptance rate.
  • Amount: Free
  • Special Demographics: None
  • Degree Level: Graduate

24 Metis Data Science

  • This program offers a number of scholarships for underrepresented, women, LGBTQ, and Veteran students. The Bootcamp lasts 12 weeks and prepares graduates for the job market through 5 data science projects.
  • Amount: 3000
  • Special Demographics: Women / Underrepresented / LGBTQ / Veterans
  • Degree Level: None

25 RSquareEdge Women Scholarship

  • All women applying to RSquareEdge’s CDAP program will be considered for a 100% scholarship. One scholarship winner will be announced per cohort. The Certified Data Analytics Practitioner (CDAP) program is an industry-standard certification program in data analytics.
  • Amount: Tuition to CDAP
  • Special Demographics: Women
  • Degree Level: None

26 Upgrade Online Scholarship

  • Upgrade Online offers a range of bootcamps related to data science and analytics. Each offers scholarship opportunity is based on merit, need, and ambition. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree, one year of work experience, and be a citizen of India among other criteria.
  • Amount: Varies
  • Special Demographics: Residents of India
  • Degree Level: Graduate

27. GAANN PhD Fellowship in Big Data Computing Research

30. Jack Larson Data for Public Good Fellowship

31. Lilly Endowment Scholarship for Data Science

32. Portland DPMA Chapter Scholarships

33. Russ Peterson Technology Scholarship

34. Strong Analytics Data Science Scholarship

35 City, University Of London, Data Science PhD Studentships in UK.

36 ASPIRE Full-Tuition Scholarships



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