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Curse of the Calliope Pearl

Photo by Matthew Fassnacht on Unsplash

Inspired by the writing prompts of Christine Graves and

We ordered a box of popcorn, and Leanne smiled.

“I haven’t had popcorn in years. I haven’t been to a movie at a theater since I married Joe,” she said.

The red and white striped box of popcorn stood out in front of the black top she wore; her long flowing auburn hair draped over her…


Total Fiction is an On-Line Publication that publishes Fiction writing. Total Fiction will publish all Genera and all lengths. From Micro Fiction to Book Length. If it is a good Fiction tale, there is a place here for it in Total Fiction. We will accept Sci-Fi to Westerns.

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T. Mark Mangum

For the serious reader. Short, compelling fiction for the serious reader. I use Imagination, wonder, and surprise to create my tales. Please Enjoy reading them.