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Legend of the Woods

Episode 10, Poddarius Frilarium and Mort, Lord of the Mystic Realms

Photo by Callous Gee on Unsplash

Thank you, Christine Graves and Ravyne Hawke, for the Writing Prompts that inspired this story. Promptly Written is a wonderful publication.

Rain clapped and laughed along with Wind, who blew buckets of water down upon The Trail Less Traveled. The horses were up to their bellies in mud and resigned to their fate, laying motionless now…




Total Fiction is an On-Line Publication that publishes Fiction writing. Total Fiction will publish all Genera and all lengths. From Micro Fiction to Book Length. If it is a good Fiction tale, there is a place here for it in Total Fiction. We will accept Sci-Fi to Westerns.

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T. Mark Mangum

T. Mark Mangum

For the serious reader. Short, compelling fiction for the serious reader. I use Imagination, wonder, and surprise to create my tales. Please Enjoy reading them.

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