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T. Mark Mangum
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Kindle Vella.

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My Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction, fiction-loving friends. I have developed a small following at Amazon, and Kindle Vella.

To that end, I want to do a Total Fiction — Dragons publication. I will contract with you to split the proceeds of the Total Fiction — Dragons issue with each Author who submits and has a Dragon story published in Total Fiction — Dragons issue.

I need fifteen stories over the course of March, April, and May.

I will split 60% of the royalty payments I get from Amazon for the Total Fiction — Dragons issue for as long as I have permission from the author to publish the story.

Rules — The story must be an original work of the Author of their own creation. No Fan Fiction. The work can not be published elsewhere where it can be read for free. Medium is acceptable because after a non-paying visitor reads three stories, they are prompted to become a paying member.

The story must be 600–2,500 words in length.

It must be about Dragons; any other setting, characters, or genre is acceptable.

Amazon pays in arrears. so March’s royalties will not be received until the end of June.

I will also publish the story here on Medium in Total Fiction under the Dragons tab that will be created.

Of course, if you accept the deal, I would ask that you tell folks about your story in the Total Fiction — Dragons issue. The more readers of the story, the larger the royalties.

So if you have a horror story with a big dragon, a little dragon, or a deformed dragon, join me.

Do you have a friendly dragon story for kids? I will take it.

How about a monstrous Dragon that burns Tokyo to the ground? Well, I will have to read it first, but yes, I might take it.

Let me know in the comments if you want to join this endeavor, and we will begin our journey into Dragon land.


T. Mark Mangum



T. Mark Mangum
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