5 Things Seniors Should Learn about Computers and Computer Support

The days of lighting our homes by candlelight are long gone and so are the days where online banking isn’t the norm. Seniors today may be resistant to learning new technology, but in today’s world, there are a few things they need to know how to do. If Grandma or Grandpa need computer support, they can always take a few training classes at Total Tech Care 360, where they can teach anyone about hardware, software, operating systems, documents, emails and so much more.

Here are the 5 things seniors should learn about computers or find computer support.

1 — What documents to open/not open

Even with adequate virus protection and spam filters, bad files still seem to get through. In their innocence, older folks may assume that everything that comes to their email is trusted and unknowingly open a virus. By teaching seniors what to look for and letting them know only to open files that come from a trusted source (like a friend), they can avoid the hardship that comes along with this.

2 — What information to send

Similarly, seniors might not know about the latest scams that come through email right now. They should be taught to never send personal or financial information over the internet and how to recognize when they can input their credit card and other banking information.

3 — How to troubleshoot internet problems

Internet problems will inevitably happen and this can be frustrating. By teaching the senior how to troubleshoot these issues, for example, by rebooting the modem or computer, they can feel more independent and not have to call someone in to help.

4 — How to save a document

Seniors of all ages may need to do work on the computer and they should know how to properly save it. This lesson should include saving to the hard disk, but also to an external source, like an external hard drive or the cloud. This information will be invaluable when their computer’s disk starts to become full.

5 — How to get help and computer support

Most importantly, when you need help or a problem occurs, you have to stay calm. Not only do the pros at Total Tech Care 360 can provide you with computer support they will also teach people of all ages about their computers, they also do troubleshooting and various computer repair. Leave their number by the computer so that in times of trouble, your senior can make a quick and easy phone call. As was discussed above, they will feel more independent and have less trouble asking for help for their computers if they have someone outside of the family unit to call.

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