“17 Comics Tackle The Frustration Of Living With A Mental Illness”

“Although Ruby doesn’t see her work as an active attempt to change our perspectives on mental illness, she makes a point “not to sugar-coat things,” she says. Which is why she’ll never shy away from the sides of mental illness and treatment we don’t normally see. For instance, she’s drawn comics about taking mood stabilizers, dealing with nightmare therapists, and crying for no apparent reason — often ending up in a familiar human picture of absurdity or frustration.
Which is why her comics have found a huge audience beyond just those who deal with issues such as anxiety and depression. “I’ve seen in a pretty major way that our experiences as feeling, crying, laughing, sentient potato-humans are not so dissimilar,” Ruby says. “Not everyone has mental illness or struggles to the same degree. But there are maybe uncomfortable things we can [all] relate to but were perhaps too afraid to talk about because it makes us vulnerable.””
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