“Disrupting Domesticity: Mental Illness & Love as a Fact”

“My brain was great at taking whatever twisted path necessary to come to the conclusion every bad thing that happened to me was my fault. It gave me a semblance of control, even if it wasn’t entirely real or based on the truth. By this point, I’d read enough books to know that my incessant crying and panic attacks were symptoms of a real problem. Still, I was scared to tell. No one “got help” in my family. I didn’t tell anyone who could actually help me until I turned eighteen and could sign up for sessions with a therapist without my mother’s consent. Since then I’ve been clinically diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD…
That’s really all the background you need to understand Kelly’s answers to these questions (from you!) about living with someone who has a mental illness (like me). I’ve taken the questions that were suggested and personalized them. I also interject into his responses from time to time to offer a little more context. Read away”
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