“Gratitude shouldn’t just be for Thanksgiving — it can transform your life”

“There’s a growing body of serious research that gratitude can really, concretely make your life better. The best part is, you don’t even have do to any mental contortions to make sure you feel it — you can just go through the motions of acting as if you do.
The findings are dramatic. The practice of gratitude (which can truly be as simple as jotting down notes about what you’re thankful for) has been called “velcro” for wellbeing and deemed “the new willpower.” It might even make people like you. Hell, it might make you like you more.”

Since March, I have been texting friends every night with 3 gratitudes from the day. And it’s been pretty great. It’s something I stared with my roommate sophomore year of college, after she read some of these psych studies, and then we forgot about it for 3 years until the polar vortex made it important to remember the good parts of life (ugh polar vortex).

Some of the benefits (in case the article hasn’t convinced you to do this):

  • I read something a while ago about how we should mindfully recognize our positive moments: just take a few seconds to live in them while we are having them, instead of taking them for granted — It’s sort of the inverse of ruminating about negative things. I find myself doing this when I am grateful for something, so that I will remember to text them out at night
  • No matter what happens during the day, I always end the day with positive thoughts, and I think that has definitely improved my sleep
  • I get to keep in touch with some of my favorite, favorite people every day, and hear the good pieces of their lives, and that’s been really lovely
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