“The New York Times Doubles Down On Its Erasure of AAPI Student Victims of Suicide”

“This senior student (whom I still count as a friend, by the way) issued this warning almost dismissively; as if he had become jaded on the topic of suicide; as if he believed some baseline rate of suicide deaths should be expected; as if he thought the on-campus suicide rate statistic should just be overlooked; as if he felt that losing a classmate by suicide should be unremarkable.
The loss of a person’s life should never be treated as unremarkable. Yet, too often, that is exactly the kind of treatment that Asian American student victims (as well as other student of colour victims) of suicide face in the mainstream coverage of the larger issue of on-campus suicide. Too often, the intersection of racial identity with on-campus mental health is overlooked, and so the many Asian American student victims (and other student of colour victims) of suicide are rendered invisible
Where we might have dismissed Scelfo’s original writing and its rendering of race as invisible as mere ignorance, this brutish remark is deliberate erasure of Asian Americans, our issues, and our politics by seeking to pit us against the Native community…
studies show that in general non-Asians are more likely to downplay — or outright reject — the significant impact of mental illness for Asian Americans, and they do so based almost entirely on internalized stereotypes.”

So tired of colorblind people who don’t know what they are doing, but see it as progress.