“Without Friends or Family, even Extraordinary Experiences are Disappointing”

“This study suggests that the hedonic value we glean from experiences stems not so much from the immediate pleasure they bestow but from the subsequent joy we take in reliving them with others. For many of us, the stories we tell, like those in Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” accrue, through their retelling, added layers of richness unattainable if experienced alone…
Like bits of matter floating in space, humans cluster into communities. These communities serve several purposes: they offer protection and security, they provide resources both physical and emotional, and they give a sense of meaning and belonging. They also hold an arguably even greater power: to actively influence the way we interpret the world.”

I like the thought, though I am not sure if it can be observed through the results of the study.
I think it might have to do with vulnerability, feeling safe enough to be highly impacted by the world.

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