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iOS 7 Set To a Great Start

Thanks be to its developers!

Short & sweet piece by Craig Hockenberry; the Chief Typist of Iconfactory has recently run a quick survey requesting developers to specify the following whether they were be willing to update their app for iOS7, and if so, if they would be willing to maintain iOS 6 compatibility.

The results collected after 24 hours were quite revealing:

  1. 545 developers out of 575 valid responses confirmed that their iOS 7 apps were already under way (95% adoption rate).
  2. 284 of 545 developers indicated that they were dropping support for iOS 6 and wanted to focus specifically on iOS 7 (52% of devs)

Simple survey, or not, this is wonderful news for the new iteration of iOS and sheds some light onto the prospects of the new version.

I am not that surprised by the results, not at all.

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