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#totd: Sleep, then eat

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I still can’t do it, but I’m learning and I’m getting better.

In my 20s and 30s are used to think it was cool – even a good idea – to pull an all-nighter. I thought I could handle it. My motto was “just feed me” and I’ll be okay. I’m a night owl, that’s why I stay up to 2am coding stuff no-one will ever see… and then I go do my day job.

I’m constantly tired. I used to lament “I dream of sleep…”

Only recently I started realising how bad this is for my health and productivity.

Rest vs Relaxation

I came to realise I can’t relax if I’m tired. Go figure!

I was trying to squeeze in relaxation at the end of the day, but I was too tired to relax. I couldn’t switch off, and I just ended watching another episode of whatever box-set I was hooked on…


Value your sleep like it’s a resource, even more valuable than your [financial] capital.

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