Summoner 101: Expectations of launching your own Moloch DAO

What is it like to launch a Moloch DAO fork?

Peter ‘pet3rpan’
Jan 24 · 5 min read

This post was brought to you by $MAGIC

In the spirit of experimentation, Totle recently purchased my time tokens known as $MAGIC and decided to redeem them. David, the CEO of Totle, essentially gave me a fairly wide prompt and suggested that I write about DAOs on the Totle blog. Agreeing to that, I decided to spend Totle’s redeemed time writing about the realities of what it is like to start DAOs and what it usually requires from a tactical standpoint.

  • What should I expect as a DAO summoner?

In this post, we’ll explore some of these questions.

In this post, we will NOT explore the philosophical musings of what should and shouldn’t be a DAO, or discuss the unique advantages of a DAO are. My personal view is that we don’t know those answers unless we experiment and that there’s little point in theorizing about it.

Instead, this post aims to push readers to take up arms, launch their own DAO experiment and get a better understanding of what is involved.

What should you expect when launching a DAO?

DAOs are all about building and coordinating online groups of people. If you don’t enjoy collaborating with strangers on the internet, you’ll likely find other activities more rewarding. You will require compromise, intellectual honesty and more importantly: Patience

Coordinating people on the internet is a tough and chaotic process. When done well, and key missions are accomplished — it can be glorious and incredibly rewarding. You will not regret it.

  • If you are community orientated and enjoy collaborating with random internet strangers, you might just find doing a DAO really fun.

Other main tasks of a DAO summoner

Selling/convincing — You’ll be doing a ton of fundraising and convincing others to contribute to the project. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it may just be important enough for you to bear the pain of eventual success.

Operations — You’ll need to make sure all the trains run on schedule, this means getting shit done. Scheduling DAO meetings, preparing meeting agendas, writing meeting notes and implementing processes.

Delegation — Past a certain point, most of your work is really just delegating work within the DAO. This means understanding how to scope and define items of work, understanding how to assign it, how to vet contributors and managing outcomes.

What is really useful but not absolutely necessary to launch a DAO?

  • Experience fundraising

What would a DAO launch journey look like?

There are many ways to skin a cat. I prefer the simple and straight forward.

📚 Brainstorming

  1. You might have an idea for a DAO.

Keep this to one-page or you will fail. No one will bother reading your 4 pager brain dump. Keep it simple stupid. Needs to be explained in one sentence.

🏹 Validation

  1. Share the one-pager for your DAO idea to 5–10 individuals to get feedback. Again spend less than a week to do this.

☀️ Public release

  1. Turn your one-pager into a blog post and share publically.

Your first DAO meeting

Once you have the right resources and right people involved, set a meeting via video call to discuss the DAO’s first action items.

  • Before the meeting, attendees should be briefed around what to expect in the meeting and initial items for discussion.

Tools to use to launch a DAO:

  • 🏡 DAOHaus: Launch and coordinate Moloch DAO forks for free.

DAOs join first before starting your own

If you are still unsure if you should start a DAO, the best way to find out is by just DAOing it. The next best thing is to join an existing DAO.

  • 😇 MetaCartel DAO — DApp focused DAO driven community

If you have any other Qs or want feedback on an idea for a DAO, feel free to HMU in my DMs on twitter: @pet3rpan


Decentralized Liquidity on Autopilot.

Thanks to Totle

Peter ‘pet3rpan’

Written by

MetaCartel DAO



Decentralized Liquidity on Autopilot.

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