The Totle API is coming!

You asked for it, so we delivered.

On behalf of all of us here at Totle, we are super excited to announce that we are accepting applications for the Totle API.

Since the launch of our beta, Totle has been focused on bringing usability and accessibility to decentralized trading. Today, we are eager to begin assembling the first cohort of applicants to use our API. We will hand pick the 10 most promising project applications and begin working on proof of concepts.

Totle’s API and smart contracts work together to seamlessly compare token prices and route orders across the world’s leading decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The use case verticals span several domains.

The API enables wallets, platforms and other businesses to offer peer-to-peer trading without ever taking custody of user’s funds. Implementation allows traders to execute several orders in one transaction and exchanges to compare token prices to find the best orders.

“Our API makes it easy for developers to leverage our DEX routing solution,” said David Bleznak, founder and CEO of Totle. “Whether you’re building a trading platform, a widget, or a mobile wallet, Totle’s API is the best solution for exchanging tokens.”

Click here to request access to the Totle API and smart contract documentation.