Totle and OasisDEX

Totle integrates the OasisDEX order book of trades, bringing more liquidity to peer to peer trading.

Liquidity is a major problem for the crypto market.

At the exchange level, low liquidity causes price slippage that pushes traders away to expensive, more liquid platforms — usually a centralized exchange with poor service and worse security.

At Totle, we address this issue by aggregating the liquidity of the top decentralized exchanges and 0x relayers in a simple UX, to create the most convenient and liquid ERC-20 token trading platform. By pooling together the fragmented order books, the odds of filling your request increase greatly.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the partnership with our friends at OasisDEX/MakerDAO that will bring even more liquidity to users trading tokens on Totle.

OasisDEX, a product of MakerDAO, is a fully decentralized exchange providing on­-chain order books and on-­chain settlement. It is known for providing users with high liquidity trading for MKR, ETH, and DAI pairs, now fully integrated and accessible to traders on Totle.

MakerDAO, the parent company of OasisDEX, is a reputable and ambitious project aiming to create a decentralized future for cryptocurrencies. Maker introduced the DAI stablecoin system, a cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar. It allows users to invest in and take full advantage of cryptocurrency without worrying about market volatility to the same extent that they would with unstable cryptocurrencies. Maker uses its proprietary MKR token and CDP smart contracts to stabilize the DAI token at $1.

The team at OasisDEX shared the sentiment:

“We’re excited to support a platform that is providing a significantly better experience for traders. We look forward to further enabling high liquidity trading for MKR, ETH and Dai pairs.”

In addition to OasisDEX, Totle aggregates the order books from other decentralized exchanges and relayers, including Kyber, AirSwap, Bancor, EtherDelta, RadarRelay and Shark Relay, with more on the way.

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