Totle CTO: “Hide The Wires”

By Sergey Tsyba

From an early age, I spent the majority of my free time behind a computer screen, and I became enthralled by technology and its myriad possibilities. As the CTO of Totle, I am responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company and bringing the Totle vision to life.

Meet the tech team

  • CTO: Sergey Tsyba
  • Full Stack Software Specialist: Noah Passalacqua
  • Solidity and Back-End Specialist: Harry Wright
  • Solidity Specialist: Austin Roberts
  • Security Specialist: Chris Behar
  • Intern: Richard Guo
Totle CTO, Sergey Tsyba

Totle values

Cryptocurrencies were born in the spirit of decentralization with the aim of fashioning a more inclusive, transparent financial system. However, the harsh reality is that using cryptocurrency requires a high degree of technical knowledge, creating a barrier to entry that contradicts the ideals of crypto. Totle’s mission is to make crypto trading accessible. People shouldn’t need a degree to participate in the crypto economy. In order for the mainstream adoption to accelerate, decentralized technology needs to be simple, user-friendly, and intuitive.

A basic mantra we like to follow is: if your mom can use it, you’re on the right track. If not, you’d be best served returning to square one.

Crypto’s biggest challenge: Usability

The problem we are striving to solve at Totle is how do you transform complex technological concepts into a simple, user-friendly interface? Throughout our development process, we have discovered that this can be achieved by limiting the questions facing our customers.

This led us to formulate the 4 Totle Commandments.

1. Do not ask obvious questions — If it is an easy question to answer, answer it yourself. Don’t bog down the consumer with trivialities.
2. Hide the wires — Make the consumer’s life easier by abstracting away the details, leaving the technical infrastructure on the backend.
3. Less is more — Whatever you have on your interface now, pair it down.
4. Consumers keep control — Users always retain control of their private keys which allow them to spend their assets. Always.

Using these commandments as the point of departure enabled us to achieve many important milestones on our development journey, including becoming the first DEX aggregator to enable completely decentralized trading via a secure, intuitive interface.

Here is a breakdown of the early development of our technology:

1. Create a Sliders Prototype

2. Build the first smart contract capable of executing:

  • Buy order
  • Sell order
  • Buy/Sell trade

3. Complete first complex trade with multiple tokens through a number of distinct exchanges in just one block.

Future vision

Our vision for the future includes integrating more DEXs with our platform, improving algorithms for price discovery, and expanding our platform to support more markets, including potentially adding collectibles and integrating hybrid exchanges.

As part of our mission to simplify the trading experience, we are working on incorporating administrative tools such as a tax calculator to ease the lives of our users. However, throughout our customization process we keep commandment 3, less is more, firmly in mind.

Instead of bogging all users down with minutia, we provide options for customization to those savvy traders who want them. That way we are able to meet the needs of all traders, from the novice retail investor to sophisticated institutional professionals.

When in doubt, we find it’s always helpful to return to our core objectives of offering the best trades at the lowest prices for our users. Despite their persistent volatility, cryptocurrencies are here to stay with decentralized exchanges representing the future of crypto trading. It remains our focus to educate the masses about the advantages of trading on DEXs while making the on-boarding process as smooth and pleasant as possible.