Fresh Food Project — Design process

Cooking made easier for Vietnamese Women

Audience: Vietnamese women between the ages of 25 to 50

Project duration: 4 months.

Purpose: Product development process & Final thesis project.

My involvement: UX/UI designer and front-end developer: User interview, wireframing & user flow designing, visual/UI designing and front-end developing.


Credit: 500px

Vietnamese women are very busy since they have lots of responsibilities. Every day, they take care their kids, clean their house, work in the office, going shopping and cook. A healthy and delicious meal for their children and husband is one of their happy jobs. But, they don’t have enough time and feel tired when picking up their kids and thinking about what to cook to have a delicious dinner.

Beside that, the fear around “unclean” vegetable, “Chinese” food is making them very unsure and concerned about buying cooking ingredients and food.

Idea for the project

Offer a service that:

Helps customer make dinner better and easier by providing daily menus.

Helps them do the shopping, washing, cutting and preparing fully trusted ingredients based on the recipes that they selected.

Delivers deliver ingredients to their door before 5 pm and they can make dinner in just a few minutes.

Analyze and understanding customer

Me and my partner in the interviewing with real customer

To empathize, our team went out and talked to 10 women at the age from 25 to 50. Asked them about their family, work, food and technology using. We also observed our user in groceries and markets.

Base on the data from interviewing and observing, we created personas to able to empathize our user.

I also tried out existing service, did market research and technology usage research to understand more our competitor and the market.

Sketching, interaction and wireframing.

Based on the concepts and user understanding, I then proceeded to sketch the interface interactions. I did lots of sketch versions to choose the best one.

I then created wireframes to go further into detail about where elements should be placed on each page. The wireframes and interactions were created on UXPin, with this tool, I can focus on the solution, not the color, shape or font. The wireframes were updated accordingly as we made iterations.

Sketch wireframe and interaction.

UI Design

We did a lot of design. Our criteria for the design are:

  • Clean and clear look
  • Simple and easy to navigate
  • On time and resourced.

Meeting with Developers and build

Team collaboration

After finishing some main designs, our team collaborated and discussed, made sure every single member understood the project. We then broke down the epic into small tasks and planned. Working with developers is very challenging, but an easy way is showing them the prototype, interaction and walking through it.

Final implement

Freshfood Marketingsite

On the menu

Box detail


Plans packages for customer

Our site on Heroku

Fresh Food
Cooking made easier for Vietnamese

If you interested in discussing Design process and UX Design, let’s talk.

Thanks to all my wonderful collaborators (Van Nam, Truc Kieu, Binh Son, Quynh Thuyen and Van Linh) and Code Engine Studio who helped us finishing this project.

Thanks for reading!

About me

Visual and interaction design has been a passion of mine since I was a student at Danang University where I collaborated with truly talent developers to create games and mobile application. The passion became bigger when I took an internship at Code Engine Studio where I learned how to build a successful app base on understanding user’s need and the process of building a product.