Branded Apparel Is An Awesome Opportunity You’ll Want To Know About

You are never suppose to judge a book by its cover, but we do it all the time. As humans, with what we choose to cover our bodies can say a lot about us. If you are seen frequently wearing a certain brand, it is assumed you are loyal to that brand of clothing. Wearing apparel with your alma mater’s logo shows your pride in the school you graduated from. Fans of sports teams frequently are seen rocking team hats, shirts, jerseys, etc. You are a living, walking, breathing billboard for whatever brand you choose to showcase with your clothing choices. So, this must be taken into consideration when designing the insignia of your brand as well as the overall identity.

Apparel is a required part of many visual brand identities. Clothing is another way people will connect themselves to your brand. Visibility and awareness are necessary, if you want to gain attention and translate that into positive action. Branded apparel, regardless of your market, gives your brand ambassadors another tool to spread the word about you. Along with your in-house efforts, people wearing your distinguishing mark increases your reach. Once you have the attention then you can capitalize. Branded apparel and products are agents of attention that can also be agents of influence.

Branded apparel can be positioned as a reward for supporting your brand. If you are running a non profit organization, consider sending something to your donors they can display or wear. They will consider it a badge of honor and be proud to represent you. It also shows that you appreciate and value them.

Invest in the quality of the physical manifestations of your brand. How much you care is directly proportional to how much you want others to care. Carefully craft your apparel so that people want to wear and show off to others. Fashion designers know the comfort and quality will keep people buying their clothes. Your staff will appreciate the quality of their staff shirts, when out in the world being your representatives. Fans of yours will be more eager to celebrate you and your team when wearing visually appealing apparel.

With all this in mind, your logo needs to be able to work on clothing and various products. Your visual brand identity may need to include the design of apparel and products. Whether you’re selling them or providing them for certain representatives, the design and the quality matters.

Invest in your style as well as your substance for maximum impact.


Originally published at on September 20, 2016.

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