The Importance of Going Native in Communication & Marketing

We humans want the path of least resistance.

We want the maximum amount of reward for the least amount of effort. So, when creating content, take the time to understand that and allow your audience to enjoy your content where they are. You don’t want to have to traverse multiple apps on your phone to get to one piece of content. Some people may favor certain social media networks over others. If your target audience is spread across multiple platforms, it is worth it to tailor your content to each platform. Provide value and communicate in the way your audience will most readily enjoy.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms each have their particular demographics, techniques, character & video time limits, and other rules. Telling your story effectively on each requires an investment of time and effort. The optimal image dimensions for Facebook differ from those on Twitter and Instagram. Instagram just extended their video time limit from 15 seconds to 60 seconds while the Twitter limit is 30 seconds. Snapchat videos can only be up to 10 seconds each. You need to do your best to enhance the clarity of your message through the proper use of the tools at your disposal. Being a practitioner means diving in and figuring out each platform and how it can best help you reach your goals. Hopefully, your goals include enhancing the lives of others through what you do, say, and share.

One of the first questions you need to ask before seeking followers is what value are you providing. You may want people to follow you across multiple platforms. What incentive do they have to do that if the content they get on one platform is exactly the same as the others? The value of each and every follow must be acknowledged and kept in mind when creating content. The social media platform you favor is the prism through which you choose to see and communicate with the world. You will only pay attention to those who are putting out content that reaches you first and interests you second. When trying to tell your story, you want to put it in the right package on the right platform for maximum results.

Going native means truly living on a particular platform. Gary Vaynerchuk recently wrote about Facebook and their latest push for native media consumption.Facebook wants to keep people in their ecosystem while enticing others to join it. For a platform builder, you want to provide as much native value as possible. Others want to use the tools that platform provides to enhance their standing and attract eyes. Once you’ve built a following, you then will have the power to influence. But you can’t influence until you understand where your target audience is and provide value where they are and how they want it.


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