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3 Themes for Digital Media & Home Entertainment in 2017

9 entrepreneurs’ road map for established media companies

1. Performance Marketing

In the context of digital media and home entertainment, performance marketing consists of targeted efforts where quantifiable user data — including behavior, demographics, and psychographics — drives transactions and frictionless commerce.

Amazon is dominating retail sales by combining personalization data and frictionless commerce
  • “How many clicks is too many to get a millennial to buy something? Three.” — Adam from Quantifind
  • “If you make it easier for me, I’ll go [to the movies] more often” — Matthew from Atom Tickets

2. Content Connectivity

“Content connectivity” includes consumer entertainment solutions integrating device portability, physical data connectors, broadband access, and personalization — both inside and outside the home.

Consumer preferences are shifting from traditional television viewing to mobile & desktop
  • “Look at what your kids are doing [when they’re consuming content]” — Dori from LISNR
  • “Our goal is take the best features of mobile and put them on the living room television set” — Darren from Vizbee

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence includes technologies which can improve themselves without human intervention — including machine learning, conversational “bots,” and applied mathematics.

Venture capital funding to artificial intelligence companies hit an all-time high in 2016
  • “AI is still a long way from commoditization, because you still need humans to validate the results” — Darren from Data Robot
  • “Everything you can do with A.I. you can also do with applied math. Applied math requires a lot of education. But anyone can use AI and machine learning, which is its greatest strength and weakness” — Jerimiah from Silver Logic Labs

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