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Risky Business

Dig for Diligence

A primer on the venture capital due diligence process

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Indiana Jones uses the Staff of Ra to determine the right location to dig for the Lost Ark of the Covenant; venture capitalists use due diligence best practices to dig for insights on potential investments

What is Due Diligence?

First Start Digging: Preliminary Due Diligence

Then Dig Deeper: Full Due Diligence

The four main types of venture capital risk

What happens when due diligence goes wrong?

Other Best Practices

Due diligence mistakes can be (almost this) costly!

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Thoughts on corporate VC from the team at Touchdown Ventures, the leading provider of managed venture capital for corporations.

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Greg Bergamesco

Venture capitalist at Touchdown Ventures, and proud father of two boys. ND alumnus and fan for life.