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Risky Business

“Han Shot First”

Why Corporate VCs Must Give Before They Get

From controversy, comes commerce!

Selfishness: a Pyrrhic victory

When working with startups, most large corporations recognize they enjoy a position of strength. The larger company almost always has a bigger brand, team, and resources, especially when it comes to cash. As a result, the established company often acts as a bully, maximizing its leverage, and expects to extract value when working with smaller companies. Big companies have a reputation for taking, and not worrying about giving.


Han’s first mover approach is still a good model for corporate innovators, however, because venture capital is a game where you have to give first, before you get. So don’t be afraid to make the first move and provide value.

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Thoughts on corporate VC from the team at Touchdown Ventures, the leading provider of managed venture capital for corporations.

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Scott Lenet

Founder of Touchdown Ventures & DFJ Frontier, USC & UCLA adjunct professor, father of twins, Philly sports Phan, Forbes & TechCrunch contributor