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Risky Business

The Venture Capital “Chronoscope”

Why Every Company in the Fortune 2000 Will Have a VC Arm

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CVC has exploded from a base of high-tech firms to a “new normal” with leaders from every industry
Unlike a traditional sales funnel, VCs seek to maximize leads evaluated, targeting a fixed number of closed deals
Venture capital provides high-value insights (pitches & diligence) from a broad set of companies (1000+ opportunities per year) and can drive leads into a corporation’s business development and M&A pipelines

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Thoughts on corporate VC from the team at Touchdown Ventures, the leading provider of managed venture capital for corporations.

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Scott Lenet

Founder of Touchdown Ventures & DFJ Frontier, USC & UCLA adjunct professor, father of twins, Philly sports Phan, Forbes & TechCrunch contributor