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Want to Break Into VC? Try CVC!

Why corporate venture capital offers an accessible career path

1. There are many job opportunities

The growing relevance of CVC is evident in the job market, and this might be the most important reason for candidates to consider corporate venture roles in addition to institutional positions. Entrepreneur, author, and ex-VC John Gannon assembles a list of VC job postings monthly. Out of the 432 positions listed on John’s blog during the second quarter of 2018, 36% were for positions in CVC, and nearly 50% of those were entry level. Especially for young people looking to break into venture capital, it is clearly worth exploring CVC.

2. Corporate investors often work directly with C-level executives and build relationships can make you a better VC

One of the main roles of a venture capitalist is to help startups develop strategic relationships that create distribution, positive press, follow-on financing, and ultimately liquidity options. Where do these strategic relationships come from? Many times, VCs must take years to build relationships with executives at large corporations.

  • Sales and distribution channels
  • Marketing support
  • Product and technology collaboration
  • Recruiting talent in the industry
  • Exit opportunities

3. There is a path for advancement

Many junior roles in the financial world are designed to be “two-year-and-out” programs, but this isn’t necessarily true in corporate venture capital. A corporate environment can provide more opportunities for training, with established systems to develop and retain talent. CVC may offer more room for promotion and job exploration because in addition to the team that directly manages the venture fund, there are usually multiple business units and other departments that are deeply involved in the program. For someone considering career progression, a corporate fund can be a great springboard to explore different parts of the venture world.

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Thoughts on corporate VC from the team at Touchdown Ventures, the leading provider of managed venture capital for corporations.

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David Horowitz

Founder & CEO at Touchdown Ventures (manager of corporate venture capital funds)