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Birthday Card via Canva + Touchgram

Creating a card and turning it into an interactive iMessage™.

Photo pictures showing my wife in various outfits with dotted theme
Dotted outfits on holiday, personal photos.
Inside Canva — Found a card, saved the initial version and edited the copy a little.
iMessage transcript view with instructions to tap on Touchgram icon to create new message
Compact Menu
Background picker before choosing a picture
Showing the Camera Roll and picking one for a Background
Drawing the area to be tappable
Composer showing finished Touchgram document
Gif showing the two page Touchgram playing
Video of the entire process from Canva search to sent message

The Ugly/Annoying side of life in iMessage



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Andy Dent

Touchgram interactive messaging CEO/Founder looking for art, sound & advertising partners. Martial artist. Parent of adults. Coder & designer 30+yrs. Australian