Touching Lives Matters

After finishing a class one day, a man took me by the hand, wanting me to participate in a demonstration. He said for me to close my eyes, and I did. When I did so, he then guided my hand to various objects. When I touched the unknown objects, he asked what I felt after touching the four objects. Because my eyes were closed, I was 100% focused on how the objects felt to me. Though I touched all four of them, each felt differently. As I touched the first three objects, I remember thinking, “rough,” “hard,” and “cold.” However, the fourth object was warm. AHH!!! There was a warmness that went through my body as a result of that touch. It was the only one in which I felt a connection.

The demonstration then ended. I opened my eyes and realized that I had touched a packaged granola bar, a stone, a granite countertop, and the palm of a hand. Can you guess the object in which I felt the warmth? It was the palm of the same man’s hand who originally took me by the hand to begin the demonstration, and the differences in feel were astounding.

When we reach out and touch each other, it warms the heart, and I cannot help but to think how is it that I did not realize the effect of the touch at first. I didn’t realize the effect until I closed my eyes and focused completely on the demonstration. Is it because of clouded judgment? So many things can grab at our attention, but we have to come away and “close our eyes” so we can touch and be touched again, thereby letting its effects warm our hearts. When our hearts are warmed, we then do more for each other, but when we have clouded judgment and touch that which is cold, hard, and rough, we become insensitive to one another.

As I write this, I also ponder about how we can get caught up so much in the work of helping others that we will forget to reach out and touch. When this happens, we then value the work more than the people we started helping. I will continue to do work involved in helping others, but I will always realize that people are the most important. We will never know the real impact we have on others when we reach out and touch, touching with support. My realization is that I need people, and people need me.

This is Empathy in Action (Compassion), and as I have been taught real compassion is when it is in motion, Come-Passion. Let passion continue to come fill our hearts so that we will fervently reach out and touch what matters the most. That is us. We truly cannot live and thrive without one another.

Never forget the importance of touch, no matter what avenue the touch comes through. Touch a life every day. Own up to it, and do it intentionally with the understanding that a difference is being made in the lives of others as a result. Let us all T.O.U.C.H. (Taking Ownership, Understandably Changing Hearts), and change our world for the better.

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