Bhutan- An Affordable yet Incredible Holiday Destination

Traveling is the one factor that is rarely avoided by anyone. Of course, who doesn’t want to have some light moments away from the everyday life isn’t it? But when it comes to holidays, many people consider about destinations falling under their budget. After all, what’s better to save some good cash at the end of the trip! Well, there are many budget holiday destinations in this regards. One of them is Bhutan.

Known for its diversified Buddhist culture, Bhutan is a charming country which includes various monasteries, valleys, breathtaking landscapes and fortresses. Of all these factors, you are sure to have lots of fun when coming across trekking, river rafting, snorkeling, shopping, cuisines and what not. So opting for Bhutan tour packages from Ahmedabad you could encounter with something interesting every time in the spots that include-

Taktsang Monastery

For the aboriginals, this spot is proudly known to be Tiger’s Nest. Situated on the high granite cliff, this is one of the holiest monasteries of Bhutan. It is believed that the second Buddha of the country used to meditate over here. Apart from these facts, the spot is idyllic for trekking. Hence, once you are above the cliff you are sure to enjoy the panoramic vistas around.


You could easily relate it to “India da Punjab” as the moment you step inside the city, the swaying fields of rice will give you the same feeling. Besides, this is a complete attractive valley which hosts green environment along with peaceful ambience. The city also has several historical architectures and holy sites along with National Museum, which includes some ultimate collections of various aspects.

Bumthang Valley

As stated earlier, Bhutan is a country of Buddhist culture. So, it has a hint of Buddhism in its every corner. Bumthang Valley too is not an exception in this regards. The city is known to have some of the oldest Buddhist temples and sites. Other than that, you will also be a bit lucky to taste some juiciest apples from the nearby tree gardens of the valley.

Mongar and Lhuntse

If you wish to be a part of eclectic sights from Himalayas, then you certainly should not skip taking the journey between these two places. Being isolated from rest of the places, this spot becomes an ideal picnic place. Experience the beauty of the nature along with the likes of mountains that will surely keep you stick to the place.

If considered in total, Bhutan is a country that refreshes the minds of its visitors, with no high costs tolerable to the pockets. Hence choose your suitable Bhutan tour packages from Ahmedabad and step out for an unforgettable excursion.

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