Everything That You Should About Before Choosing Singapore Tour


Singapore is one of the most loved, famous and chosen city-country in the world. The cleanliness and development of Singapore is impeccable. Even the famous city of Dubai ranks behind Singapore when it comes to list the number of millionaires in the country per people unit. Not only the richest people’s list but also in several other lists, Singapore tops on the chart. The city is a true example of how people from different cultural background can stay happily and peacefully in one place. Singapore is a favorite location of most of the travelers in the world. If you are planning for a Singapore tour then we have highlighted few points which will be of help to you in making your tour more exciting.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

The weather in Singapore is moderate and comfortable all round the year. Singapore experiences the monsoon season during the November to January months so you would like to plan your tour during post February. For those who are travelling from the colder regions, then for them April till July can be hottest season in Singapore.

Best Season to Visit Singapore

Singapore does not experience winter season like in the western countries, so you can plan your tour during the post monsoon season. People who are travelling South East Asia and Western countries, both can enjoy the season comfortably. Post February month the rainy season is almost fading and the climate is also cool, so you can between Feb-Mar.

Best Festivals in Singapore

Singapore is blessed with population from different countries by which you can enjoy a wide range of festivals all round the year. The government also ensures that it offers equal space and treatment to all the people from different countries. Depending on the time of year you visit, you can check the Singapore event calendar and be part of the festival.

Best Events in Singapore

Singapore is a happening place which follows different events in every segment like Hospitality, Retail, Fashion, Shopping, Art & Music, etc. The world famous Grand Prix Formula One car racing event is organized in Singapore. It also organizes a month of Music & Art festivals as well as Food Festivals. You may love to visit the famous Singapore Sun Festival for sure.

Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore has plethora of options to keep you excited all the time during your Singapore Tour. Some of the must visit locations in Singapore are, Gardens By the Bay, Singapore Botanic Garden, Night Safari, Singapore Flyer, River Safari and Singapore Zoo Private Tour.

With this one article, we hope you have received most of the important information about Singapore. Let us know if you need any specific information about Singapore tour or planning.

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