Four Famous Shopping Places In Dubai

Dubai is surely one of the most preferable tourist destination which provides a perfect amalgamation of relaxation and enjoyment. Apart from an array of places to visit in Dubai, there is a lot more to Dubai than just those sky touching manmade structures, Dubai also acts as a perfect place for tremendous shopping options right from ultra-modern mega malls to local street outlets. You just need to plan your trip through Dubai Tour Packages From Mumbai and make your way down to some of the best shopping places in Dubai which are as follows:


Wafi Mall which is located on the Oud Medha Road was established in 2001 and is indeed one of the most unique shopping mall in Dubai. Famous for its pyramid façade structure, the Egyptian theme and collection of artwork is simply going to attract the visitors. The mall boasts of a varied range of 350 stores of various brands, apparels, crafts, décor and accessories. However the main attraction of this mall is Cleopatra’s spa. It is just 10 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport.


Ibn Batuta Mall, one of the world’s largest theme mall is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and has been designed in honour and a tribute to the famous explorer Ibn Batuta. Being one of the biggest shopping centres in Dubai, the mall is divided into various sections like India, China, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia and Andalusia and has close to 275 shops. All these various sections represent all the regions which were travelled by Ibn Batuta. There are also several cultural events which take place here.


There are many kinds of souks that are present in Dubai right from spice souq, gold souq, perfume souq and textile souq. Each of these souq specialise in certain items which lie in a decorated ambiance wherein you are going to find a number of people thronging to these items. The narrow alleys have their own history wherein you are also going to learn about the history apart from just purchasing items.


Meena Bazar is a local market place which is famous for jewellery, watches, textiles, furniture and spices from India. Meena Bazar lies adjacent to Al-Fahidi metro station in the green line. Every person who visits Dubai makes sure to visit this bazar as you are going to fill your bag with a number of items if you really love bargaining.

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