Top 4 Destinations Making Spain A Holiday Paradise

Vacation is one instant option, which is always preferred when life demands a change from everyday repeated routines. Certainly, moving out on a holiday instigates ultimate freshness and rejuvenation. Coming across new culture, traditions, festivities and lifestyle increase the charm of exploring a place. Although, there are various incredible destinations in the world, but Spain has always attracted the visitors for its distinctness.

One of the gems of the European region, Spain is a touristic destination which moves ahead clubbing historical sights and modernity both hand in hand. If beaches, night-lives and cuisines are some of the factors that ignite you the most in any tourist spot then opting for Spain tour packages would surely bring your hunt for a remarkable tour at a halt. So, if you are smitten to get a hint of Spanish culture then check out the places that you would like to explore around-

Santiago De Compostela- The city emerges as one of the holiest destinations for the Christians. It is said that St. James, who was an Apostle of Jesus, was buried at this place. Apart from that, Santiago De Compostela is also known for its religious importance and other famous landmarks such as Santiago Cathedral and Praza do Obradoiro.


Sometimes strolling on the inner streets of the city helps to know it even better. And if you are in Cordoba, you will like to move around in a similar way. Comprised of a mesh of streets taking you inside the city, Cordoba also has the Mezquita, which is a Mosque enclosed with plazas and whitewashed courtyards. The other spots include the Street of Flowers, Fortress of Christian Monarchs and Old Jewish Quarter.


It is counted as one of the important of Spain and at the same time one of the largest too. Located at the corners of the Turia River, Valencia hosts a stunning architecture known as City of Arts and Science. The entire complex is wrapped up with technological aspects including the science museums, planetarium and aquarium. Try visiting there in March when you will be able to enjoy the famous Fallas Festival.


If you want to experience the Spanish nightlife then head your way to the country’s capital city Madrid. One of the best parts of this city is its multiple ethnicities. Various attractions like Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor help to make the city among the must-visit places of Spain. Don’t be surprised if you spot a festival sight or some live street performance.

It won’t be exaggerative, if Spain is regarded as an electrifying country, as wherever you will visit, you will enjoy every bit of it. Other than the above spots mentioned, availing Spain packages you will definitely come across various other enthralling spots of this country.

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