Top Five Awesome Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a world famous tourist location and financial hub of China. Known for its luxurious and extravagant night life, Hong Kong has always on the top charters including Thailand and Malaysia. It has much more than just fun and excitement to offer. Impressive skylines, high energy and millions of people in the small city-state is the brief about Hong Kong. The city-state presents an interesting study about the ancient Chinese culture and its rich history. We assure you that if you are planning to book Hong Kong tour package for your holidays then you will not be disappointed, as this region of China is a complete package. From wonderful beaches, beautiful architectures, fishing villages, great hikes and relaxed pace of life, you will enjoy each and every moment of your holiday. There are several places to explore in Hong Kong, but we have identified some of the best places that you must not fail to visit in Hong Kong.

Star Ferry

The Star Ferry in Hong Kong dates back to 1880 where you can enjoy a wide range of activities. It just costs few Hong Kong dollars. You can find different size and shapes of ships where you can enjoy your choice activities. If you have been looking for an apt location to propose your loved one, then proposal on the ferry can be a good idea. The refreshing breeze of the water and wide open sky above you will make your day rejuvenating. Do not worry if you have not booked or scheduled any ferry as there will be hundreds of ferries to choose from. You can also enjoy the impressive ride from the Tsim Shua Tsui at Star Ferry.

Victoria Peak

One of the famous locations in Hong Kong is the Victoria Peak. If you choose a Hong Kong tour package and if it does not cover Victoria Peak then your tour is incomplete. It is a scenic view point from where you can see the skyscrapers, bustling city and nearby islands of Hong Kong. It is like the London-eye of Hong Kong.

Victoria Central Business District

If you wish to see the business hub of Hong Kong then you should visit Victoria Central Business District. You will find large offices of big brands and businesses in this area of the city. Some of the interesting places to visit in this region are Man Mo Temple and Zoological and Botanical Garden. There are several skyscrapers in Victoria Central that will leave you just awestruck. Do checkout the building of Bank of China.

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