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“The M.I.N.D.”, a hemisphere projection of my November 2016 large-scale political news network analysis.

Web no.point.0: rise of the

“Facebook in Privacy Breach” The Wall Street Journal, October 2010.

The State of the Internet

The state of the modern information ecosystem — including our dilemma addressing misinformation, propaganda, security, and hate speech — are manifestations of intrinsic misalignments within an increasingly hybridized global information system. I believe we are just beginning to realize some of the consequences. The stakes are high.

<4mysquad> and <lagonegirl> reblog on Tumblr, author’s name redacted, January 2018
Post shared on Facebook, September 2016
Pinterest autocomplete recommendations, November 2017
Facebook timeline post, 31 October 2016

Start Making Sense

How do we make sense of the unstable scaffolding of technology, culture — and begin to interpret the less desirable effects it has bestowed upon our society and way of life?

Facebook UK Labour Party sponsored profile frame, November 2017
Facebook US sponsored post,, November 2016.


Built from the ground up to be resilient to attack, and designed to circumvent destruction from the acts of adversaries, hostile powers, and acts of war, everything from the transmission protocols to the geographical footprint of the Internet was designed with one quality, autonomy, in mind. I’ll leave the details to the existing body of work on the history of the Internet, ARPANET, World Wide Web, and Silicon Valley.

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, February 1996
Facebook Group — “White Lives Matter More,” November 2017
Left, Facebook’s Instagram IRA response app; Right Facebook’s IRA Response App. 31 January 2017.
Twitter Government, 26 September 2016.

↕️ Splintrnet

Five years ago, I view the Internet as less supervised. Specifically, I mean that the online spaces, platforms, and connected applications — while owned by private interests — tended to be less subject to the encroachment of corporate profit models, algorithmic oversight, and the aggressive reprioritization of users’ content and shared information.

Facebook Elections official sticker (2016)



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