Are We Tired of War Yet?

Brian Lamacraft
Jan 6, 2020 · 5 min read
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I spend a lot of time at my Royal Canadian Legion. I’m usually there on Friday nights with my friends having a couple of drinks, laughs and taking part in great conversation. I also go there to remember those that have fallen in battle and given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. I support the troops that have gone and done this I absolutely detest war. It leaves shattered bodies, ruined lives, destruction, and most of all, and it spills a lot of blood. It doesn’t sound too glamorous, does it? When we are finished with the war, we only have three outcomes. We have the living, the dead, and the maimed. The dead are the lucky ones as they no longer have to live to the aftermath of the war or rebuild their shattered lives. They don’t have the memories absolute horror that living to have to go through.

Shattered Lives

To illustrate my point there is one young man that comes to the Legion on Friday nights. He is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He comes there on Friday with his therapy dog. His dog is very lovable, and it’s his constant companion. We also know as Legion members that this particular soldier suffers from PTSD. This is a post-traumatic stress disorder. This is what happens to many men as well as women when I come back from war. Their minds are shattered and they’re left with the haunting memories of what they have experienced. Some of them will drown themselves in alcohol, drug abuse, or anything else try and erase the memories of the horror that they went through.

I am almost always brought to tears when I watch shows about the various wars. You can see the old veterans talking about their experiences and even in those last years of their life, they are still crying. They will never forget what they have gone through and those memories will only be gone when they take their last breath. Have we learned anything yet? Are we not tired of war? What exactly are we accomplishing? Are we making this world a better place by blowing the living shit out of it time and time again?

War to End all Wars

It’s the war to end all wars” HG Wells

Ah, World War I. We thought World War I would be the war to end all wars. Oops, it looks like we made a mistake. We’ve certainly had a lot more Wars after World War I. Now we have to give wars numbers. How many war numbers will there be ten thousand years from now? I bet that the number could be pretty high. We just seem to enjoy killing each other. It becomes a pastime or a hobby. Let’s just blow the crap out of everybody.

Nuke Em!

I’ve been on Twitter in recent days and I’ve literally heard people say that they should nuke Iran. What a cheery thought! While the Islamic Republic of Iran is led by a bunch of old nutters, there are literally millions of people there that want nothing to do with their rulers. Much like other places in this world such as America, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, and other places in the world we are getting tired of our leaders and their never-ending quest to blow the ever-loving crap out of this planet. What is ironic is that a lot of these so-called leaders are old people. You would think that they had learned something from the past about war. It seems that they have not. The war machine keeps turning much like the Black Sabbath song War Pigs.

Politicians hide themselves away

They only started the war

Why should they go out to fight?

They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds

Making war just for fun

Treating people just like pawns in chess

Wait ‘till their judgment day comes, yeah!

This world like a giant chessboard. We move the pieces back and forth, and sometimes we knock one out of the equation. This is usually an entire country full of people. We blow the crap out of the country and then come home. Checkmate! Once the war is over, we are left with are shattered soldiers. The ones that have lost their lives are sent home in coffins draped in flags and we mourn their loss. The ones that have their lives shattered are tossed away like yesterday’s garbage and left to fend for themselves. Nope, sorry you’re no longer needed, we need some more young people for our war machine. Thanks for your service. Get lost! On and on at this goes year after year. I’ve been on this planet for almost 50 years now and nothing has changed. I don’t think it’s going to change in the future. In fact, as I look at this world today, I see nothing but endless war. Perhaps when it’s all over when the final bombs are dropped and we have blown it all to bits. The rulers can scurry out of their rat holes, sit on the rocks and eat their money. This will be the only thing that is left on this planet.

What Will Future War Look Like?

I can only imagine what future war will look like. Perhaps we’ll have giant robots like they do in science fiction books. Maybe we’ll take to the stars and we’ll have huge fleets of warships. That will be impressive — all sorts of cruisers, battleships, frigates, and so on. Maybe we’ll have a giant planet-killing ships such as in the latest Star Wars movie. I can only imagine the warmongers would absolutely salivate at that. They would have absolute power to destroy an entire planet just like the emperor. Unlimited power!!!!!

We Get One Planet

Since we are not among the stars, currently, we only have one planet. Despite all of our differences, we all have to live here. It’s time to pick ourselves up as human beings and start talking with each other instead of killing each other. It would be a much nicer world without war. I for one, am sick and tired of this mindless pursuit of so-called glory. War leaves nothing but death. I hope the leaders of this world are proud of themselves and the destruction that they have caused this planet over the centuries. I hope they sleep well in their beds with the memories of all the living souls that they have decimated in their unrelenting quest for power. Perhaps find the nearest veteran with PTSD and tell them you are sorry. Perhaps someday we will learn, but I doubt it. War is a racket and business is damn good.

Toward a Better Tomorrow

It’s Time to Chnage This World for the Better

Brian Lamacraft

Written by

Brian is an online writer and blogger. In his spare time, he plays guitar and goes camping. Visit him at :

Toward a Better Tomorrow

A publication focused on making real change in our world for everyone.

Brian Lamacraft

Written by

Brian is an online writer and blogger. In his spare time, he plays guitar and goes camping. Visit him at :

Toward a Better Tomorrow

A publication focused on making real change in our world for everyone.

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