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Beginner’s Guide to Writing Data Science Blogs on Medium

Benjamin Obi Tayo Ph.D.
Aug 16 · 6 min read

Are you new on Medium? Are you interested in writing data science articles and publishing these on Medium?

This article will discuss the stages involved in writing a good data science article that can be published on medium. Medium provides a platform that facilitates writing. Basically, anyone can write a medium blog.

I joined medium over a year ago. I published my first medium article Using sapply() function in R to generate a table on July 7, 2018. This article was written mostly for experimental purposes. The feeling of satisfaction that a writer derives when someone actually reads their work and post feedback and comments about their work is what encouraged me to keep writing.

Just a little over a year after my first article was published on medium, I have now published a total of 40 articles on this platform covering different topics such as data analysis, data science, machine learning, sports analytics, programming, physics education, materials sciences, human resource, and online education. All my articles published on Medium can be found here.

Even though I have written several articles covering a wide variety of topics, this article will focus only on data science articles.

Before discussing some of the guidelines for writing a data science article, let’s first answer a very important question.

Why should you consider writing data science articles on Medium?

Writing medium articles has 5 main advantages:

  1. It provides a means for you to showcase your knowledge and skills in data science.
  2. It motivates you to work on challenging data science projects, thereby improving your data science skills.
  3. It enables you to improve your communication skills. This is useful because it enables you to convey information in a way that the general public can understand.
  4. Every article published on Medium is considered intellectual property, so you can add a medium article to your resume.
  5. You can make money from your articles. By means of the Medium Partner Program, anyone who publishes on Medium can make their articles eligible for earning money.

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of writing data science articles on medium, let us discuss the guidelines for writing data science articles on medium.

Stages for Writing Data Science Articles on Medium

In this section, we discuss the stages involved in writing a good data science article.

Stage 1: Develop a Project Idea

You need to decide what project you plan to work on, or what type of data science problems are you trying to solve. There are several data sets that are freely available that you can use for a data science project. Data science projects include problems in data visualization, regression analysis, classification problems, machine learning, AI, etc.

Stage 2: Work on Project

This is where you actually work on the data science problem. You have to import your data set, preprocess and clean the data. Then use the data either for analysis or model building. You can also use the data set to produce summary statistics or visualizations such as scatter plots, barplots, histograms, line graphs, matrix plots, heat maps, etc. You have to decide what data science tools to use, either R or Python (jupyter notebook).

Stage 3: Create a Project Repository on GitHub

Once you’ve solved the problem of interest, you then have to create a project repository on GitHub and upload project files such as data sets, jupyter notebooks, R program scripts, and sample outputs. Creating a GitHub repository for any data science project is extremely important. It enables you to have access to your code at all times. You get to share your code with a community of programmers and other data scientists. Also, it is a means for you to showcase your data science skills.

Stage 4: Use Project Results to Write a Medium Article

Once you’ve created a GitHub repository for your project, writing a medium article becomes simply a matter of copy and paste. You can copy content from your code and paste it directly on the medium platform. You can also copy content from your sample output files such as graphs and tables and paste on your medium article. Also if you don’t want to include several lines of code in your medium article, you can always add a hyperlink to the GitHub repository containing your code and other project files.

Examples of My Data Science Articles on Medium

I have followed these 4 stages above when writing most of my data science articles on medium. I will present below a few examples of my top 10 data science articles.

Article 1

Title: Tutorial on Data Visualization: Weather Data

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/weather_pattern

Article 2

Title: Machine Learning Model for Stochastic Processes

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/Monte_Carlo_Simulation_Loan_Status

Article 3

Title: Building a Machine Learning Recommendation Model from Scratch

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/ML_Model_for_Predicting_Ships_Crew_Size

Article 4

Title: Machine Learning: Dimensionality Reduction via Linear Discriminant Analysis

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/linear-discriminant-analysis-iris-dataset

Article 5

Title: Machine Learning: Dimensionality Reduction via Principal Component Analysis

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/principal_component_analysis_iris_dataset

Article 6

Title: Machine Learning: Python Linear Regression Estimator Using Gradient Descent

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/python-linear-regression-estimator

Article 7

Title: Tutorial on Barplots using R’s ggplot Package

Github URLs: https://github.com/bot13956/GDP_barplot_using_R, https://github.com/bot13956/barplot_marketing_emails

Article 8

Title: Tutorial on Data Wrangling: College Towns Dataset

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/unstructured_data_university_towns

Article 9

Title: Extracting Data from PDF File Using Python and R

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/extract_table_from_pdf_file_using_R

Article 10

Title: Linear Regression Analysis in Materials Sciences

Github URL: https://github.com/bot13956/regression_band_structure

In summary, we’ve discussed the main stages that every beginner should follow to write and publish data science articles on medium. Writing on Medium is a very fulfilling task. It challenges you to be creative, motivates you to share your knowledge with the world, and provides a means for you to showcase your data science and related skills. Last but not least, your medium articles can produce side income through the Medium Partner Program.

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Towards AI

Towards AI, is the world’s fastest-growing AI community for learning, programming, building and implementing AI.

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