AWS Proton — The tool Infra teams are dreaming about every two nights!

Florian Clanet
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5 min readDec 15, 2020

AWS recently announced a new service: AWS Proton.

As I love to have a look at the new features provided by the AWS re:Invent, I wrote this article summarizing my findings.

AWS Proton is a tool to help with infrastructure automation and code deployments.

But it is not another CodePipeline because the tool is more designed for organizational purposes.

This service makes it easy for infrastructure teams to centralize and standardize classic infrastructure patterns so that they can be available for developers to deploy their code.

And this why it should be seen as an organizational tool.

It supports the technical design of your organization by providing a way to explicitly expose it to all teams building applications and products on top of this layer.

If you know AWS CI/CD environments, you will be happy to hear that Proton is for instance integrated with Code Pipeline and Cloudwatch.

Let’s see how we can quickly use AWS Proton to set up a lambda serverless environment.

Connect to Github

  • Let’s go to the Proton page
  • On the menu on the right, we click on Source connection and create a GitHub connection.

Set up for Proton

Here we will just create (or select) a role for Proton to use to deploy Cloudformation stacks.

  • Let’s create/update the role we will use to enable resource creation by Proton

Create a proton environment template

  • Let’s navigate to the AWS Proton page and click on “Get started”

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Towards AWS

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