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Towards Cloud Computing (TCC) is a community more than a publication. TCC is a go-to source of information for anyone looking to learn and share about the cloud, its benefits and the design patterns. Whether you’re an experienced pro or just starting out, there’s something for everyone here. We cover everything from beginners’ guides to in-depth looks at advanced topics, and our knowledgeable bloggers are always on hand to answer your questions. Why

Towards Cloud Computing is a publication run by Satyen Kumar where independent authors can publish their work, share their knowledge and expertise, and engage a wide audience on Medium. #CloudComputing #AWS #Azure #Microsoft #Amazon #Google #GCP

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Yes, we will be opinionated and bias

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Satyen Kumar

Satyen Kumar

Satyen Kumar is a widely recognized CLOUD Leader, Inspiring the world through Passion on Cloud; Solutions leveraged by large enterprises

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