Exploratory Analysis: Data Scientist Salaries Across the USA

In my previous post, I talked about scraping Indeed.com for Data Scientist jobs across the United States. While I was able to scrape a little over 10,500 listings, few of them contained salary data and many of the salaries were hourly, monthly or weekly. After running a massive clean up on the data, I was left with 493 salaries to use for the modeling. The median salary was $100K with 236 of the listings being above the median and 257 below. I was excited to get to the modeling. However, before jumping to the grand finale, I wanted see what other insights I could gain from the data. This task called for me to pull one of my favorite data exploration tools from my data scientist toolbox — Tableau!

When, I loaded the data into Tableau, I was most interested in gaining an understanding of how Data Scientist salaries varied by location and which locations had the highest number of unique job listings.

Here we have a heat map of the average salary by State, with the darker hues representing a higher salary and the lighter ones showing the lower salaries. As we can see from the map, the state of Virginia seems to have the highest Data Scientist salaries with an average of $182K. At the bottom of the spectrum, we have Florida, with an average salary of $57,253.

I was able to break down the numbers even further by looking at how average salaries fared by city. In the highest paying state of Virginia, the cities of McLean, Reston and Ambler took the leads with average salaries being $196K, $190K and $175K respectively. Out in the West Coast, San Francisco was following close behind with an average salary of $171,245. Looking at the lower range, Dania Beach, Florida sat at bottom with $30k. However, the other salaries from Florida managed to pull their numbers up a bit, with $51,311 and $91,000 in Coral Gables and Miami respectively.

With such a large range in salaries, I wanted to see what kind of job numbers I was really working with. After all, Virginia was at the top, but how many unique job listings was my sample actually working with. A small number of listings is not a lot to go by when you consider that other locations had many more vacancies to fill.

Above, we have a map sized by the number of unique job listings by state and colored by average salary. The colors range from dark red to dark green, with the darkest greens signifying the highest salaries and the darkest reds signifying the lowest. Here our previous numbers are put into perspective. While Virginia may have had the highest salaries, we were only looking at 3 unique jobs listings, this actually puts Virginia towards the bottom when it comes to opportunities. California seemed to stay true to its previous marks with 33 distinct job titles from 24 different companies and an average salary of $125K. Moreover, while New York and Illinois may not be the highest paying states(115k isn’t a number I’d complain about), they did have the largest amount of opportunities, with 55 and 37 unique job openings respectively.