How much Java is required to lear Big Data Hadoop?

For most experts who are from multiple backgrounds like — Java, PHP, .net, mainframes, data warehousing, DBAs, and data analytic — and want to make a career in Hadoop and Big Data, Big Data Hadoop Online Training is the latest trend aspirants are seeking. How much Java is required to learn Big Data Hadoop? This is the first inquiry they ask to experts and their colleagues. It is an apparent question because they would invest their time and money to learn Hadoop, a new technology, nevertheless they also need to understand if it will be worth this time.

The aspirants also need to understand how to work on Hadoop, as easily as they work on the other technologies, that they are currently an expert in. Pass out graduates, with no work experience on other technologies will find it very challenging to get hired as Hadoop developers. Indeed, most firms absolutely insist on hiring only experienced experts. There are numerous reasons for that — the first one being — Hadoop is not a comfortable technology to master. However there are a lot of courses like Big Data Hadoop Online Training offered by institutes for such aspirants who are looking for a career into Big Data and Hadoop.

Learning Hadoop is not an effortless task but it becomes hassle-free if students know about the hurdles overwhelming it. Hadoop is an open source software built on Java thus making it vital for every Hadooper to be conversant with at least java essentials for Hadoop. Hadoop Online Certification Courses are plenty in the market who turn into this aspirants in to real-time experts. Having knowledge of advanced Java concepts for Hadoop is a plus but undeniably not essential to learn Hadoop. Your query for the question necessity of ‘Java’ ends here as this discussion explains intricately on java essentials for Hadoop.

Apache Hadoop is one of the most frequently adopted enterprise solution by big IT majors making it one of the top 10 IT job trends for 2015. Thus, it is obligatory for intelligent technologists to pick up Hadoop swiftly with Hadoop ecosystem getting better day by day. The outburst require for big data analytic is landing many IT experts to switch their careers to Hadoop technology. Experts need to consider the skills before they begin to learn Hadoop. Hadoop Online Certification Course also helps this individuals master the Big Data program.

If a firm runs an application built on mainframes then they might be seeking candidates who possess Mainframe +Hadoop skills whereas a firm that has its main application built on Java would require a Hadoop professional with expertise in Java+Hadoop skills.

For example some job description which requires Hadoop candidates desires strong experience in some other technology can apply for this job to form a career in Hadoop technology without expertise knowledge in Java. So there are many parameters that company consider while hiring candidates for Hadoop.