Who are the homeless

I’ve been wanting to visualize homelessness for quite a while, but didn’t find any data until today. This dataset contains several attributes of homelessness (chronic or temporary, sheltered or unsheltered, family or inidividual, etc) by US state.

Source: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Breaking down these percentage by location, we can observe:

homelessness in 2016
  • Nevada has lowest percentage of homeless in families and highest % of unaccompanied youth
  • Guam has lowest percentage of sheltered and highest percentage of homeless families
  • South Dakota has the lowest percentage of chronically homelessness

What I learnt today is how to make waffle chart (alternative to pie chart) in R using waffle package and fontawesome.

parts <- c(Sheltered=64, Unsheltered=36)
waffle(parts, rows=10, colors=c("#009bda", "#969696"),
use_glyph="home", glyph_size=6)

This is #day44 of my #100dayprojects on data science and visual storytelling. Full code on my github. Thanks for reading. Suggestions of new topics and feedbacks are always welcomed.