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Angel Priya

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Please do not make it a competition. Because if you do, then be mentally prepared to lose.

Quite a statement, right? It just took me a few minutes to write it, and still good enough to mess you up completely. What are we competing with? I do not know. But whatever it is, I have successfully hampered your self-confidence.

For those who do not know, the title of this article is the general name assumed by a fake account/troll. The job of the troll is to damage you and we fall into it so easily. Even though you may be smart enough, you may still lose. And when you think in retrospect, you just got fooled by the outward appearance of a person. Because we just want to be like them, and their show-off is good enough to make us feel useless.

It is very easy to forget the importance of what we have. A rich guy falls for a poor girl because he thinks he would be better off being humble, and vice versa, a poor guy falls for a rich girl least realizing the other headaches money might bring. In both cases, the boy would eventually want to get back to his original state. To all the girls, do not feel bad, you may interchange boy and girl in my previous sentences. It still makes exact sense.

We can apply the same logic to the food we consume. It may so happen that we like fast food, only because the food we have at home is so healthy. We may eat endless burgers and pizzas only to start cooking again.

Recently, I was traveling in a cab. The driver asked me if I was from India. I said yes. Then, he started geeking out on India. He believes in the Hindu Religion and has visited Haridwar. Growing up, he believed in some swami maharaj, etc. And here I am, geeking out on “Ralph Waldo Emerson” and “Lucius Annaeus Seneca”. This is the classic case of “west seeking east and east seeking west”. Each side thinks that “the grass is greener on the other side”. But what I have realized is the grass is green everywhere. And we should not fling on to the other side just because it momentarily looks good. And we should not get disheartened by not getting something — only because it looks good on the outside.

I have a very personal reason to write all this. It is a true story that, for months, I was very intimidated by a person. He used to overact as the busiest man on earth. In fact, I would have asked for his autograph. Soon, I heard him speak and realized that he stutters a lot while speaking. I had an epiphany then. That I was just getting swayed away by the outward appearance of a person. He was just an “Angel Priya”.

After that day, I have come across many such angels in my life. But one thing I am actively doing is not getting distracted by them. Apart from our own family and a few hand-picked friends, others really don’t care much about you and love to see you fall. You have it in you.

And remember that “The grass may appear greener on the other side because IT IS FAKE.”




Hop On! We have a long journey ahead of us!

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