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Towards Horizon

Clothes and Gender

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

The other day, I saw a beautiful profile photo of a girl.

Her sweater matched so much with the background. The color of the sweater was so good, a mix of pink/red and white. I feel that being a boy, I’m at a disadvantage of not being able to wear any color I want. Because for us, it’s “Girlish”.

Our clothes are always on the darker side-Red, Blue, Black. We can never match with the background. You can see our photos and might as well think we were photoshopped with the background.

Next time you see a man, with a frown looking like a clown, in a photo, it’s probably because, he’s probably thinking “This black shirt is not what I like but, unfortunately, I’m a boy.”




Hop On! We have a long journey ahead of us!

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