The Last 3 Discs with 50 Songs

I believe I am not the only person who wants to believe this is a unseasonable big April Fools’ Day Joke. Yes, big one.

Mom sent me messages on LINE this evening, and I got a news that SMAP would release their last album in this December. These 50 songs are gonna determined by votes of fans.

Since then, I’ve been wondering which song I would choose.

  • “BEST FRIEND”, a song they sang on their group travel in 2013
  • “Zutto Wasurenai”, a song they sang on a music TV show when I loved my favorite member at the first sight
  • “Major”, a song with good lyric I was listening again and again on my walk-man when I was little

This is the last time. This is the last chance.
I honestly am thinking why I need to use the word “last”, though all this things what we’ve seen/heard on TV and the internet seem like happening in a real world, so I’m thinking I’m gonna involve this. To make their last album.

By the way, one general question in my mind is, can we purchase their albums on iTunes?

Trent and I are going to go to Japan a week end of this year, so I have a chance to get there. In the airplane, grabbing the album with some tears on my face… Probably this is what’s gonna happen as the last moment in this year.

I wonder how everyone has been in Japan with their news these days.

My these days are I’m singing one of their most famous songs “Yozora no Mukou” on the way home from the office by bike at dusk.


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