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A guideline to earn $BANANA and $TOWER on ApeSwap

We’re pleased to announce that $TOWER holders can now earn $BANANA and $TOWER from ApeSwap through the 2 campaigns below:

Earn $BANANA by providing liquidity to TOWER/BNB pair on ApeSwap

1. Bridge your $TOWER to Binance Smart Chan

To provide liquidity to the TOWER/BNB pair, you will need BNB and TOWER tokens on BSC. If you are holding $TOWER on Ethereum, you can bridge them to BSC through AnySwap.

Check out our tutorial on how to bridge TOWER tokens from Ethereum to BSC here:

2. Add TOWER/BNB liquidity pair

Provide liquidity to BNB/TOWER pair at:

If you don’t know how to provide liquidity, please check ApeSwap’s guide here, and make sure you understand the impermanent loss inherent to liquidity providing.

3. Farm $BANANA with your TOWER/BNB LP tokens

After adding liquidity to the TOWER/BNB pair on ApeSwap, you will receive TOWER/BNB Pool Tokens (or called LP tokens). You can stake the LP tokens to farm $BANANA on the TOWER/BNB farm at

If you need assistance with farming on ApeSwap, please see the guideline here.

Earn $TOWER by staking $BNANA on ApeSwap

We collaborated with ApeSwap to provide the “$BNANA -> $TOWER” pool consisting of US$300k worth of $TOWER rewards. You can stake $BNANA in the $BNANA -> $TOWER pool at and start earning $TOWER.

Any questions, give us a shout!

You can find out more about TOWER Token over at the official Twitter, Facebook, Telegram channels, and reach out to us for any questions or comments!


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