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Crazy Defense Heroes Play-and-Earn events are now exclusive for TOWER Battle Card & Ticket NFT holders

Dear Defenders, starting from September 2022 all the Crazy Defense Heroes play-and-earn events, including XP Gain Event and Daily Star Chest Event, become exclusive for and holders. Players with more card NFTs can earn more TOWER tokens in the events. We will take two snapshots between 15 and 30 September 2022 to check the eligibility of the NFT holders, so make sure you own the cards in your linked crypto wallet during the period.

Download Crazy Defense Heroes now on the and purchase at least 1 TOWER Battle Card NFT to start your Play-and-Earn journey! More TOWER Battle Card NFT giveaway events will be announced in the future.

September’s Play-and-Earn Events

  1. XP Gain Event

The reward pools for September consist of 3 Tiers and are detailed below:

Note that you must gain a minimum of 315,000 avatar XP within each month to start earning TOWER tokens. For example, if you started in September 2022 with 250,000 XP (Avatar Level 20) you will need to have at least 565,000 XP (around Avatar Level 29) by the end of September 2022 in order to be eligible to earn from September’s Tier 1 Reward Pool. If you gain more than 450,000 avatar XP within the month, you can earn a share of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Reward Pools. If you gain more than 600,000 avatar XP, you’ll be earning TOWER tokens from all 3 Tiers of Reward Pools!

You may check the cumulative experience table and use the XP calculator created by our community to see which Levels you have to reach in order to be qualified for the reward pools.

The exact amount of TOWER tokens you will earn from the pools depends on the final number of players who meet the XP requirements and finish KYC, also owns a TOWER Battle Card NFT.

2. Daily Star Chest Event

Below is a table detailing the rewards you can secure during the Daily Star Chest Event in September 2022:

The total number of TOWER tokens you can secure depends on how many days you have opened a Star Chest in Crazy Defense Heroes and completed the check-in on the . Read our previous Medium article if you don’t know how to open a Star Chest or check in on the TOWER website:

3. Play-and-Earn boosting for holders of 5 or more Battle Card NFTs

Players who own at least 5 TOWER Battle Card NFTs of any rarity can enjoy a boost on all of their rewards in the XP Gain and Daily Star Chest Events.

Number of Card NFTs owned

The will also be counted as eligible NFT, please withdraw them from Binance NFT to the BNB Chain. Calculation as below:

Gold TOWER Ticket: 5 Card NFTs

Silver TOWER Ticket: 4 Card NFTs

Bronze TOWER Ticket: 3 Card NFTs

For example, if you own 1 Silver TOWER ticket (equivalent to 4 card NFTs), then you would need 1 more TOWER battle card on the Polygon chain to enjoy a 1.05x boost.

If you own 2 Gold TOWER Tickets (equivalent to 5 card NFTs each), you can enjoy 1.1x boost

If you own 1 Bronze TOWER Ticket (equivalent to 3 card NFTs each), you would need 2 more Battle Card NFTs on the Polygon chain to enjoy a 1.05x boost.

4. Extra TOWER token rewards for all Battle Card NFT holders

If you own fewer than 5 TOWER Battle Card NFTs, you can still earn extra TOWER tokens by fulfilling ALL conditions of a reward tier within the month listed below:

For example, you will be able to get the extra 100 TOWER tokens (the reward from only the Common Tier) from the event by checking in 7 days and owning at least 1 TOWER Battle Card NFT of any rarity by the end of the month. Or, you will be able to get 400 TOWER tokens and a Completion Badge NFT (the reward from the Legendary Tier) by owning 4 TOWER Battle Card NFTs with at least one of them being Legendary, gaining at least 600,001 Avatar XP and checking in 28 days.

Please note that the Card NFT can only be used once for fulfilling a rarity requirement within a month. For example, if you own 1 Epic and 2 Common Card NFTs, your Epic Card will be used to fulfill the requirement of Epic Tier; the same Epic Card cannot be used to fulfill the Rare Tier requirement; hence you will only be earning from Epic (300 TOWER) and Common Tier (100 TOWER). In other words, if you wish to earn from all 4 Tiers to get 1,000 TOWER tokens plus a completion badge NFT, you have to own at least 1 Legendary Card, 1 Epic Card, 1 Rare Card, and 1 Common Card, along with gaining at least 600,001 Avatar XP and checking in 28 days.

When can you receive the rewards?

All TOWER tokens you earned from Crazy Defense Heroes play-and-earn events, including XP Gain and Daily Star Chest Events, can be withdrawn via the claim system around the 15th of the month following the event. The NFT rewards will be airdropped to eligible users’ wallets by the end of October 2022.

Complete KYC verification now

You’re suggested to complete the KYC verification as soon as possible at:

Note that, players who haven’t completed the KYC process by the end of the month are NOT eligible for getting any rewards from any Crazy Defense Heroes play-and-earn events of that month.

Questions? Reach out to us!

If you have any questions regarding the TOWER play-and-earn events, TOWER token and NFTs, and Crazy Defense Heros, feel free to contact us!


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