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Crazy Defense Heroes play-to-earn reward pool for June 2021

The Crazy Defense Heroes play-to-earn reward pool is back for June 2021 and will consist of 750,000 TOWER tokens! In order to be eligible to share from the reward pool, you need to gain a minimum of 250,000 avatar Experience Points (XP) in Crazy Defense Heroes during the month of June 2021. Download Crazy Defense Heroes now on the App Store or Google Play to get started!

Note that you must gain a minimum of 250,000 avatar XP in June 2021 by the end of June 2021. For example, if you started June with 250,000 XP you will need to have at least 500,000 XP by the end of the month in order to earn TOWER tokens.

The exact amount of TOWER you will earn from the pool depends on the final number of players who meet the XP requirements by the end of June 2021.

Previously we ran two Crazy Defense Heroes play-to-earn pools, each for 300,000 TOWER tokens, during April and May 2021. We decided to make this month’s pool bigger and better!

We are working on a website feature that will allow Crazy Defense Heroes players to view and claim their earned TOWER tokens at More information will be provided as soon as possible.

For more details about the Play-To-Earn events, please refer to our previous article.

Questions? Reach out to us!

If you have any questions regarding the Play-To-Earn events, TOWER token, Tower Experiment, and Crazy Kings game franchise, feel free to contact us!

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TOWER is the basis of an initiative by developer and publisher Animoca Brands to blend traditional Free-to-Play gaming with the Play-to-Earn potential of blockchain gaming.

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