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Introducing the 2022 Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion: Bored Ape Edition

The “Commander in Chain” (BAYC#9730) will join the Crazy Defense Heroes Halloween Invasion starting on 24 October 2022. Get special party gifts from him by getting 3 Stars on all levels in different difficulties during the event!

Watch the event trailer:

2022 Halloween Invasion Period: 24 Oct 2022–7 Nov 2022

Specific Avatar Levels are required to unlock entry to different difficulties of Halloween Invasion; level up to take on more challenges!

Completion reward 1: BAYC-themed Equipment Game Card — “The Mask of Boredom”

Dress up as “The Commander in Chain” for this year’s Halloween.

By getting 3 Stars on all levels (there are a total of 16 levels in the invasion event), you will receive 1 BAYC Chest that guarantees 1 BAYC-Themed Equipment Game Card. The rarity of the card depends on which difficulty (Normal, Hard or Crazy) you have completed.

Completion reward 2: BAYC-Themed Badge NFT

Design subjected to change

Players who successfully get BAYC-Themed Equipment Game Cards in the game during the Halloween Invasion will also be rewarded with a BAYC-Themed Badge NFT!

Completion reward 3: TOWER Hero Points

In August 2022, we introduced the TOWER League mechanism along with the TOWER Web Store. By spending 1 TOWER Token in the TOWER Web Store, you can earn 10 TOWER Hero Points for the TOWER League.

Starting from this Halloween Invasion: Bored Ape Edition, you can also earn TOWER Hero Points by participating in Crazy Defense Heroes in-game events!

Players can use the TOWER Hero Points to redeem TOWER League exclusive items; the first batch of items will include 10 Otherdeed NFTs, which can be redeemed with 1.5 million Hero Points. More details will be announced in the future.

TOWER Hero Points gain upon stage completion

To welcome the “Commander in Chain” to our Halloween Party, we’re giving 10x boosts on the gameplay earning of the Hero Points during the event!

You can also earn extra Hero Points by holding:

1. Additional amount of TOWER Tokens

2. TOWER Battle Card NFTs and/or TOWER Ticket NFTs and/or ApeCoin

  • Each Gold Ticket NFT = 5 TOWER Battle Card NFTs
  • Each Silver Ticket NFT = 4 TOWER Battle Card NFTs
  • Each Bronze Ticket NFT = 3 TOWER Battle Card NFTs

(The Ticket NFTs will only be counted after you withdraw from the BinanceNFT Marketplace to your non-custodial wallet linked on our website)

Users must fulfill the below conditions by the end of the Halloween Invasion

  • Link your wallet with your Crazy Defense Heroes User ID on our website
  • Verify your identity via Blockpass’ KYC verification on our website
  • Keep at least 1 TOWER Battle Card NFT or TOWER Ticket NFT in your linked wallet
  • Get all 3 Stars on all levels within any difficulties of the Halloween Invasion event
  • Your Crazy Defense Heroes User ID is not banned in our system (i.e., you are able to enter Clan Quests)

CDH x BAYC event page

You’ll be able to check the following information on the BAYC event page on TOWER Token Website

  1. Your Invasion status
  2. Whether or not you’ve completed KYC verification
  3. Number of TOWER Battle Card or TOWER Ticket NFTs you own
  4. How many Hero Points you’ll earn during the event


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