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Introducing the OnePlanet x TOWER Token Mega Event — Get exclusive trading offers and Achievement Badge NFTs!

The OnePlanet NFT Marketplace is a leading NFT marketplace on the Polygon Chain. Being our friend in pioneering Web3 developments, they are our first partner that accepts the TOWER Token for Polygon NFT trading (Please check the Project Guide and the TOWER Introduction Page on OnePlanet).

So Defenders, let’s start the journey and explore OnePlanet!

Listing and Buying TOWER NFTs from OnePlanet


  1. Go to and Connect your wallet. Only the MetaMask wallet is available now.

2. Click your profile, then go to “Collected”. You’ll be able to see the NFTs you own.

3. Click on either the TOWER Battle Card or Map NFT. You can Transfer it to your friend, or List it on the Marketplace.

4. If you want to list your NFTs, set up the Sale Price, the Expiration Date, the Platform Fee, and Creator Royalty that will apply, and then click confirm. Your card will then appear in the collection.

Buying an NFT:

  • Simply select the NFT you want to purchase and click “Buy Now”.
  • If the NFT is not available for sale, or you want a deal, please make an offer to the seller!

TOWER x OnePlanet Mega Trading Event:

To celebrate the new collaboration, we’re having the following exclusive experiences for every user who supports us.

1. Exclusive Achievement Badge NFTs

Every user who purchases or lists a TOWER Battle Card or TOWER Map NFT during the event period will receive an exclusive Achievement Badge Soulbound NFT.

2. 50% off on the Transaction Fee

  • Every transaction before 7 Dec could enjoy a 0% creator’s loyalty fee (Originally, the transaction fee include 2.5% Creator’s Loyalty and a 2.5% Platform Fee)

Don’t forget that OnePlanet is having a TOWER Battle Giveaway on their Twitter. Finish all the tasks and enter as often as you like.

Important Notes:

  • The TOWER Battle Card and TOWER Treasury collections on OnePlanet NFT marketplace only accept Polygon TOWER for trading.
  • An on-chain snapshot will be taken at the end of the day the event is held. Please make sure you’ve fulfilled the requirements by the said time.


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TOWER is the basis of an initiative by developer and publisher Animoca Brands to blend traditional Free-to-Play gaming with the Play-to-Earn potential of blockchain gaming.

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